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An Applicant's Decision: Face the storm or Give up?

ACTT; accreditation; GATE funding; Lok Jack GSB; Masters Programmes; MBA

I recently heard an analogy comparing a sailor facing a storm to life.

A Sailor faces a storm in the middle of the ocean. There is no doubt that the storm is coming, it's evident by the changing weather, the increasing winds and the angry swells that are forming. If the sailor chooses to ignore these glaring signs and instead have a laid back and complacent view of the impending danger, what can potentially happen? Well, I think the answer is quite obvious, he would be swallowed up by the storm- morbid I know. Now, what if he decides to change his sail and instead, try his best to navigate himself through the storm, don't you think he would have a better chance of  surviving?

It's the same for life, we all have our 'storms' that we face; some can be more intense than others. It can feel like things can never go right, whether it's losing your job; unforeseen loss in your family; trying to balance everything; things can really become overwhelming. It's like trying to work your way through a labyrinth of confusion. However, wouldn't you agree that it's how we choose to navigate through these storms and approach these trying times is what can really make the difference?


Meet Sarah M.* 

(name has been changed to maintain anonymity)

ACTT; accreditation; GATE funding; Lok Jack GSB; Masters Programmes; MBA

Just like many couples, Sarah and her husband are both employed, mutually contributing to the running of their household. They face their ups and downs that come with life but, all in all, they are able to make things work.

With an earnest desire and drive for intellectual growth, Sarah felt that by pursuing her degree she would be able to open up more job opportunities as well as afford herself the chance to change careers. After much deliberation and discussion, she, together with her husband, made the decision for her to pursue her MBA.

Then came the hard part: where should she pursue her Master's? With so many options available, she wanted to ensure that she chose the best institution that married the rigour of business with real life experiences while making learning enjoyable and authentic; after all, this is where she was going to invest her time and money and she wanted to do so wisely. 

She spent many hours doing her research and finally found the programme and institution that matched her prerequisites- the International MBA at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. After meeting with the Academic Advisor, she was sold and begun the application process.

Finally! It felt like things seemed to be working out the way she had hoped!

Not too long after though, that eagerness was quickly replaced by anxiety and angst as Sarah received the unfortunate news that her husband was going to be laid off in a month's time; her storm. Can you imagine the thoughts going through her head?

'How are we going to survive? Do we have enough money to last us for a bit until he gets back on his feet? I just started application for my Masters, how am I going to afford this and everything else?'

Determined to pursue her degree, she registered and participated in a Scholarship Challenge for the programme and, to her surprise, her team was one of the winning groups that day. This was bittersweet though. As exciting as it was to have won, it didn't take away her worry and concerns; she was still troubled by the impending storm she was about to face.

Then, the announcement made by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago (ACTT) that only accredited institutions can access GATE funding- added more anxiety to her plate! Do you feel the weight she's feeling? What was Sarah to do? Will she still pursue her degree despite the drastic change in her circumstances?

Thankfully, the Lok Jack GSB is one of the thirteen institutions that have been accredited by ACTT which alleviated some of her worry.

Just like the sailor who made the decision to face the storm to survive, Sarah M., after much planning and forethought, weighed the pros and cons of pursuing her degree NOW as opposed to waiting with the uncertainty of what is to come and decided that making the sacrifice now was worth it!

What's stopping you from doing your Masters? Is it the uncertainty of GATE-funding/ACTT accreditation? What's your storms?

Why not attend this FREE informative session by clicking on the link below as we address all your concerns and questions regarding this very timely issue as it relates to your educational goals on Thursday 24th August, 2017 at the Lok Jack GSB, North Campus @ 5:30pm. 


Let's ease your mind!


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