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Danielle Dumas, MSc. IF alumni experience at the Lok Jack GSB

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Hello, my name is Danielle Dumas. I am currently a Manager in the Transaction Services Department at Ernst & Young (EY). 

The current state of the economy is worrisome for us all, and the need to diversify the economy and increase net foreign exchange earnings is of paramount importance to employers and job seekers alike.


What does this mean to me as a young professional?

It motivated me to become more marketable, get qualified, specialize and possibly explore the entrepreneurship avenue to help stimulate/jumpstart economic activity.


How did I begin my Lok Jack GSB journey?

I never intended to pursue a masters. I was going down the CFA route because it is deemed to be the “ultimate degree” in the finance industry. However, I was offered a scholarship to attend Lok Jack GSB, and whilst CFA was the ideal path for me, I had always heard about the great ALJGSB and the esteem and caliber that comes with attending that institution. I opted to do the MScIF because I love math and because as a specialized degree,  the International Finance masters would also afford me the opportunity to acquire a specific skill set - not just a generic MBA to emerge a “jack of all trades”.


How was my Lok Jack GSB experience ?

The experience facilitated networking, meeting and learning with peers from all companies, big names and "mom and pops" all with different perspectives on team assignments, group/teamwork development skills and projects.  This added real value and improved my skills for dealing with colleagues in the workplace.

We had great lecturers who are leaders in their fields in the industry. This enabled us to benefit from their experience, not the regurgitation of material in textbooks, but the “real” side of things, which brought the learning “home” for me.

The best part of the MscIF for me was the consistent practical application of knowledge gained throughout the two year program, so there is no thesis to write! 


Career advancement?

When I commenced my degree at Lok Jack, I was an entry level analyst at Republic Bank with little to no previous experience in finance. Subsequent to completing the MScIF, I was hired by Ernst & Young as a senior financial analyst in a dynamic department that provides advisory services relating to M&A transactions, valuations etc.  Being at EY provided a major opportunity to apply what I learned and to travel and work with clients all over the world - from OECS countries to South Africa.  In 2017 I was promoted to a Manager.

During the last couple of months, I have been in discussions related to business development and expansion of our service line outside of Trinidad.  I am currently exploring opportunities within the Caribbean and the Dutch Antilles, so it’s a really exciting time for me, which I am confident would not have been possible without my degree and experience from Lok Jack GSB.

I guess one could say that the Lok Jack GSB is the match that ignited the flame of my career. I am a proud Lok Jack GSB alumni and I look forward to watching others taking that leap and joining this amazing family of professionals spanning all industries and specialties.


If you are ready to take your career to the next level with the MSc in International Finance, download the brochure here,  contact our recruitment team today at 645-6700 ext. 200 or email: recruitment@lokjackgsb.edu.tt  





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