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Does Accreditation Matter?


Applying to do a Post-graduate degree can be a daunting prospect. You want to ensure that you’re investing your time, effort and money wisely and research whether or not you're getting the calibre of education you signed up for.


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Did you know that having an accredited degree can make a huge difference in your future career?

Imagine that:

  • Your graduate programme didn't have a process to resolve student grievances
  • When you applied to pursue your graduate degree, you had no information on the curriculum or assessments and policies?

 How would you feel? What would you do? 

This then is the value of accreditation, ensuring that there is a standard of quality to adhere to. Doing some research on what accreditation means for you can save you both time and trouble in the future.


Here’s why Accreditation DOES matter:


  1. “Quality is the Key”- this is the motto of the Accreditation Council of Trinidad & Tobago(ACTT). Institutions with ACTT accreditation lends to the institution’s dedication to providing quality education for students and instils confidence that the programmes are supported by high quality processes, standards and resources. Why do we say this? Well, this accreditation body only recognises and endorses institutions that have sufficiently met their rigorous and methodical accreditation process. The key components of this process includes institutional self-evaluation and external evaluations conducted by teams of local and international expert assessors established by ACTT, ensuring that you get the quality you expect.
  2. There isn’t a single person we know who doesn’t want value for their money. The accreditation process assures you that the education you’re paying for is valuable and worthwhile. The process, outlined above, makes certain that an institution isn’t just saying “take our word for it” when it comes to quality and integrity. Accreditation, therefore, is not so much a status to be attained but a commitment to ongoing improvement.
  3. While a higher chance of mobility and employability is not guaranteed, employers can trust that the graduates of an accredited institution have been well-prepared to shape the corporate world, thus making graduates more marketable.
  4. Financial support by the government. With recent announcements stating that GATE funding will only be awarded to institutions with ACTT accreditation, it’s imperative now- more than ever- for you to seize the opportunity to apply to an ACTT accredited institution; only given to institutions that are financially sound.

Think carefully and do your research. Consider if the school also has international accreditation and the implications of a registered institution vs an accredited one. Need further advice and guidance?

Speak to one of our advisors on how you can access GATE and the HELP Loan for our January 2018 Master's Degrees:

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