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Is your business acumen on point? What can an International MBA do to develop it?

Do you feel that you have a continually evolving understanding of the ever-changing dynamics of the local, national and international business climate in order to make the right decisions in your job?

The International MBA provides the means to help you gain the skills you need to change your career, gain leadership expertise and improve your standard of life. 

Here's what one alum had to say about his International MBA experience:


Name: Darryl Bodkin

Age: 32

Occupation: Operations Manager

My International IMBA Experience

"My first degree is in Physics and my career began as a scientist. Graduate business studies was important in helping me understand the big picture of business. Choosing a graduate business school was not an easy decision.

I wanted a school with reputable accreditation, a track record of academic rigor and a strong and unique brand. I selected the GSB because it gave me all three of my non-negotiables plus more. The added benefit included a diverse student and alumni demographic and a decent mixture of faculty from industry & academia. In fact, some of the faculty members are from regional and international jurisdictions.

Overall the IMBA increased my knowledge of business and improved my ability to think critically about every day business issues. I was able to understand the basic classical and non-classical perspectives of economists and even how the national budget can impacted our business.

On the personal development side, I learned the value of observation and team selection. Finally, because I was deliberate in networking with persons in and out of my cohort, I now I have a wider network of professional acquaintances."


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