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Entrepreneurs: ON YOUR MARK . GET SET. GO. (PART 2)


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In our last blog, we discussed the first two similarities between hurdle runners and entrepreneurs: they prepare and they face hurdles.

If you missed it- for some strange reason- we encourage you to take a read now!

Let's look at the remaining two similarities: the support and the runners.




Listen to the crowd around you. Do you hear them?

Are they cheering your name; waving your flag; wearing your colours?

No doubt; there will be supporters for all the runners.

The parallel?

In your race as a successful entrepreneur, you will have supporters- those who will support you through thick and thin- then, you would have those who would try all they can to ensure that you are not a successful- those who will tell you that you can never succeed.

Question: As a runner, would you allow the ‘boos’ of the crowd to discourage you from running or will you use it as your fuel to WIN?

The choice is yours!




What are the other runners?

Obviously, your competition!

They are going to fight just as hard; run just as fast; just to win that gold medal.

It’s the same in business. You will always have others who have the same goal as you, who knows, some may have the same idea as you.

But what really sets you apart?

This is where you need to figure out your value proposition; that little something that sets you apart from others. You have to be creative and innovative!



At times, it can be difficult to make the leap as an entrepreneur.

Some challenges you may face include:

  • Getting your ideas off the ground
  • Being creative yet original
  • Giving your ideas direction and focus
  • Executing ideas
  • Finding the capital to start business
  • Financing and marketing your business
  • Fear

Whatever the issue, we at the Lok Jack GSB are determined to help budding entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs succeed in the business arena.

One of the core values of the Business School is fostering and promoting entrepreneurship as it contributes to personal, professional and national growth.


As such, we have crafted a special Masters Programme: the International Master of Business Development & Innovation which is designed to take you through the mind-bending process of innovation and provides the space through which you can freely express your ideas and turn it into something tangible; into reality.

This programme would help you:

  • Learn how to formulate methods to help your organisation take on this aggressive marketplace (marketing strategies/seizing marketing opportunities etc.)
  • Prepare for making quick but effective decisions
  • Identify and form your new venture
  • Develop the skills to design your business plan
  • Search for funding for new businesses


These are by no means all the benefits, so why not learn more about how this programme can help you be a successful entrepreneur.

Why not give us a call at 645-6700 ext. 166/200 and speak directly to the Academic Advisor for the International Master in Business Development & Innovation, Mrs. Thandiwe Seebreth- Roach, or you feel free to email her at recruitment@lokjackgsb.edu.tt













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