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Wonder Women are Fearlessly Breaking Barriers!



Women in LEADERSHIP 2017, Breaking Barriers, Fearless, Lok Jack GSB



For almost 27 years, the iconic Charging Bull on Wall Street, New York, stood as a representation of strength, brute force and absolute power; that’s until March 8th 2017, at least.

This day marked not only International Women’s Day but the introduction of a new statue on the block: The Fearless Girl.

I had the opportunity to visit and I was just in awe at the juxtaposing of these two statues. Imagine, this little girl (4 ft.) standing next to this behemoth (11 ft. x 16ft.)- she really is a site to see.

But behind all the cameras; the tourists; the critics; are some profound lessons that women who are fearlessly breaking barriers, can benefit from.

Let’s look at three of them.



1) Defy Societal Expectations

 Women in LEADERSHIP 2017, Breaking Barriers, Fearless, Lok Jack GSB


Look at the picture above? Who does Fearless Girl remind you of?

To me, a matador.

How many female matadors do you know? I don’t know any.

But, there are sixteen; just sixteen in the world. The men, on the udder hand-(punny, I know)-are at least 50.

What does this have to do with defying societal expectations?

Everything actually.

Oftentimes, societal expectations and gender stereotypes drive women to believe that there is something erroneous with stepping out of their “prescribed role”; especially when it applies to a male dominated arena- like business.

But imagine paving the way for your daughter; your friend; a colleague; heck, womankind; to be leaders in whatever capacity.

This is what I think Fearless Girl stands for!

Why not defy these expectations? Why not be leaders?

Women should and can be leaders!

Embrace the power within you.



2) Dress to Impress


 Women in LEADERSHIP 2017, Breaking Barriers, Fearless, Lok Jack GSB


Disclaimer: when I say dress, I am talking about professionally appropriate clothing.

I want you to ask yourselves:

  • Am I going to be seen as less of a leader based on what I wear?
  • Can I not make a statement of leadership by wearing a skirt; a dress; a pant?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then we would love to hear how clothing makes you less of a leader or diminishes your skill sets. Please, comment below.

What is Fearless Girl wearing?

A really nice flowy DRESS and SNEAKERS.

Usually, I wear heels with my dresses, but, I think this in itself is symbolic.

Why should a piece of cloth/clothing demarcate your capabilities as a leader and above all else, as a woman?

It should not!

This is precisely what Fearless Girl embodies. Professional dress and grooming for women who are leaders or aspiring to be, should not be circumscribed to definite articles of clothing. So please, dress to impress!


3) Confidence is Everything!


 Women in LEADERSHIP 2017, Breaking Barriers, Fearless, Lok Jack GSB

How is the Fearless Girl standing? What is the expression on her face?

To me, she is striking the ‘WonderWoman’ pose; staring confidently at that Charging Bull.

The Charging Bull, on the other hand, can be analogous to our fears. Fears such as:

  • Not being liked
  • Not being able to strike a work-life balance
  • Failure

Question: are any one of these fears insurmountable or impossible to overcome?

No! Just as everything in life takes proper planning, so too does being a leader. It takes gumption, sacrifice, and preparation.

The Fearless Girl is poised and ready to take on that beast of an animal- a fear; why can’t you?

As the words on the statue say: “Know the POWER of WOMEN in leadership. She makes a difference.”

So know that you have the power to make a difference.

What’s stopping you?


Calling all Wonder Women


Uncover your inner Wonder Woman to fearlessly break barriers.

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