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5 Trending Career Opportunities in Marketing


Globalization, competition and advancements in Information Technology have created significant shifts in the way in which we attract, win and retain customers.

As marketing becomes more dynamic and complex in nature, the need to fully understand the needs of the customer and how best to satisfy those needs are just as critical as the marketing and market communications strategies employed to attract and win them.

Marketing is rapidly becoming a multi-faceted and ever changing discipline.  Success demands that professionals stay on top of trends, employ the new tools of engagement, understand evolving needs and preferences of consumers and employ the on-going measurement and analysis of the impact of strategies employed to facilitate rapid adaptation to shifting market conditions.  For qualified candidates with the requisite skills and expertise, Marketing has the potential to open many career and niche business opportunities.    

On the heels of targeted market research, marketing occupies the space between new product development and the sales function.  It covers a broad spectrum of specialized functions that ultimately take the product to market with a strong brand, clearly defined benefits that solve specific problems or satisfy needs and customer engagement through advertising.

Traditional and New Opportunities in Marketing

The need for Marketing exists in every industry and regardless of your current level or position, there is infinite potential for advancement, career shifts, applying new skills within a new company or starting your own business. 

New skill sets in increasing demand from employers include:

  1. International Marketing – Finding new markets and opportunities outside of the home market. Understanding the cultural and social norms of doing business in different territories and business development to seal the deal.
  2. New Product Development –Translating changing customer needs and demands into innovative new product offerings that will keep the business relevant.
  3. Integrated Market Communications – Balancing the plethora of new customer engagement strategies with the traditional. Finding the right mix based on the demographics of the consumer.
  4. Social Media Marketing – Integration of social media and mobile applications and platforms as part of an overall strategic and tactical plan for customer engagement.
  5. Marketing Analytics – Leveraging on consumer insights from transactional data, retail sales data analysis to make data-driven decisions.

Interested in learning how to acquire competency in the key strategic areas of current marketing theory and practice towards career success? 


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