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ACTT accredited: Students applying to Lok Jack GSB programmes are reassured of GATE funding

The Ministry of Education recently announced that only students applying to ACTT accredited institutions will receive GATE funding for the September 2017 intake of students.  The UWI-Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business is one of only 13 institutions accredited by ACTT and the only institution that also holds  the AMBA international accreditation for its MBA programmes.

In 2013, The Lok Jack GSB was the first (1st) School of Business to be accredited by ACTT for the maximum period of seven (7) years. The endorsement of the School’s institutional quality by ACTT means that stakeholders can be confident that the institution’s programmes are supported by high quality processes, standards and resources. By meeting and exceeding the criteria and standards set by ACTT, the Lok Jack GSB has demonstrated its excellence in the following areas:

  1. Mission and Purpose
  2. Governance and Administration
  3. Teaching and Learning
  4. Preparedness for Change
  5. Continuous Improvement


Throughout the years, the Lok Jack GSB has been the recipient of many awards at the annual ACTT Quality in Tertiary Education (QuiTE) awards, reassuring stakeholders of the school´s commitment to excellence and relevance.  Other indicators of the School’s quality are the recognition of its programmes and performance of its students.

The Lok Jack GSB belongs to an elite group of schools who have volunteered to put themselves through the most rigorous test of quality and have been successful doing so. Putting the students in the spotlight for the world: in January 2017, Shelly Balkissoon, a student of the MBA in International Trade, Logistics and Procurement programme, received high commendation as a finalist of the MBA Student of the Year award at the annual AMBA awards function. 

The Lok Jack GSB wishes to reinforce its commitment to high standards and quality and urges prospective students to take advantage of the funding available for them at this time to pursue its higher education programmes.

 The programmes being offered for the September  2017 intake are:

Deadline for Applications is August 30th 2017.


Persons with queries regarding programme offerings, details of Accreditation, GATE funding, Means Testing, etc. can contact the school at 645-6700 ext 200 or email: recruitment@lokjackgsb.edu.tt.


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